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  • Lena Kroupnik

First impressions count: decorating your Entryway

You know how everything starts with the first impression... Does your entryway send the right message?

With all the holidays and parties on the near horizon, now's the perfect time to rethink how your home welcomes in your family and friends.

The entryway of a home serves so many purposes, not the least of which is to make a great first impression. Depending on the rest of your home décor and personal style, you can design a beautiful foyer that exudes a sense of your personality and the atmosphere you want to foster in your home. It’s the space where the mantra “purse, phone, wallet, keys, scarves, gloves...” starts chanting in your head as you are ready to walk out the door.

Lead the guests into your home with a colorful runner, make a statement with the unforgettable artwork, bring a mirror in an interesting frame. Flowers and plants create a special welcoming atmosphere! I love leather or wooden trays for keeping all small items organized and where you first catch that familiar, comforting scent of home after a long work day.

Photo: Erik Kvalsvik

Keeping it clean and classic.

Photo: Erik Kvalsvik

Photo: Erik Kvalsvik

Runners and area rugs can be so impactful in a hallway, it’s a great way to add color and texture!

Photo: Erik Kvalsvik

Photo: Erik Kvalsvik

We installed a double sided silk drapery panel for a separation and privacy in this more than 100 years old house in Washington, DC

Bring your travel pictures to the staircase - display the memories in a geometric order.

Photo: Kate Chuchalova

A single flower or a bouquet - it's a perfect welcoming sign!

Please call at 240-505-6783 and let us know how we can help you with designing or decorating of your home.

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